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                                  Chemical Urinalysis Strips
                                  Chemical Urinalysis Strips
                                  Compatible for visual and analyzer reading,Different combinations available based..
                                  Semi-automatic Urine Analyzer
                                  Semi-automatic Urine Analyzer
                                  Semi-quantitative measurement of white blood cells, nitrite, urobilinogen, protein, PH...
                                  Skin surface stitcher
                                  he disposable skin surface stitcher is composed of an acrylate medical adhesive tape and a self-locking device connecting...
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                                  Contact Us
                                  Welcome to the new and old customers visit, if you have any questions and suggestions can be the first time in this contact us...
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                                         Weihai Kangzheng Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, is committed to high-quality in vitro diagnostic products and medical testing supplies research and development, production and marketing services, product categories, including in vitro diagnostic reagents, diagnostic analysis equipment two categories. The company has passed.
                                         the famous German TUV certification, the establishment of a sound ISO13485 certification system, the relevant testing and the European CE certification, with a sound microbiological testing laboratories, biological indicators laboratory, with 100,000 …… [More]
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